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Privacy Policy

This page includes all the ways in which Howtoeditphotos.net collects user information and the way its being utilized. At Howtoeditphotos.net user’s privacy is our prime concern, hence policy contained herein would apply to all the products and services offered by the www.Howtoeditphotos.net.

Personal Information: We never force users to disclose their personal information, But such information such as IP, Browser and Location (Log Files) is required by website to track its performance and to implement and utilize better ways to improve users experience. An example is Google Analytics, which is extremely helpful for us to track site’s activity daily, weekly or on monthly basis. But your personal identification is safeguarded at Howtoeditphotos.net as far as its being disclosed to us only.

Cookies & Advertisement: We only display ads from Google Adsense which utilizes Dart cookies to deliver its services, while being a third party service provider, Ads served by Google Adsense are no way in our control, so we are not responsible for that. But being a mighty network we trust the services provided by Google, Still one may go with opting out of the cookies by visiting detailed privacy policy laid down by competent authority at http://www.google.com/policies .

Linkage to Third Party Sites: Sometime we provide links leading to official websites (Out Bound Links) for the convenience and knowledge of our users, but third party sites are no way related to us and we do not take any responsibility for the record of personal information and the way it is going to be used, by such sites.

This privacy policy is specially intended to inform EU Users and other viewers from the whole world that by visiting or using our services you are giving your implied consent to our privacy policy. For an easy access, we have made this privacy statement a part of our Top Menu Bar.

We are the one to own sole discretion to amend, alter and to change this privacy policy at any time. Changes can only be seen by visiting this page only.

If you have concerns, suggestions and queries relating Privacy Policy of Howtoeditphotos.net ,feel free to send us an email at noyon1107@gmail.com .

This Statement is Last Updated on 15th of February 2018.