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DriverX Full Movie Watch Online, and Download, Film

When a middle-aged man loses his business, he takes care of his two daughters during the day and works as a driver at night.
Initial release: November 30, 2018 (USA)
Director: Henry Barrial
Screenplay: Henry Barrial
Producer: Mark Stolaroff
Cinematography: Daniel Lynn
Two years have passed since the disappearance of his record store, a beloved institution of Van Nuys dedicated to the rare imports and cult offerings of the 70s, 80s and 90s, and now he is a father who stays at home taking care of two young daughters while he Wife Dawn works during the day. With the two children now in elementary school, he has been interviewing for jobs, but the record companies are not looking for a 50-year-old music lover with knowledge of classic rock and hip-hop before the 1980s.

Now that her savings are gone, Dawn needs Leonard to get going and with the available options almost empty, Leonard decides to become part of Gig Economy. In a process that takes less than 5 minutes, Leonard registers to drive by DriverX, the popular travel-sharing company known for X in color and attractive ads. In an instant, Leonard is now employed and driving at night.

It’s a bit difficult for Leonard at first. All this new technology requires a little time to get used to and, immediately, Leonard must face a new class of beasts, the Millennials, with their strange and new language and their unknown customs.

More urgently, as his marriage begins to fray at home due to financial pressure, he negotiates some twisted turns in the car, as attractive and intoxicated young women prove their loyalty.

With a listening ear to the way young adults speak and act and a deep understanding of the challenges facing many middle-aged Americans in an economy affected by new technologies, “DriverX” follows Leonard on a journey through the night of Los Angeles, a party fueled by Tinder Scene, where you never know who will get into your car next.

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“DriverX” covers a number of topical issues: the 1099 economy, the differences between Generation X and Millennials, become obsolete in a world now controlled by the generation behind you and the change of gender roles.

But ultimately, “DriverX” is a movie for and about our time, which captures the essence of what it means to be a middle-class American today, in times of rapid change.

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