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Main 5 steps to crop a picture in Photoshop cs6

One of the most perfect mediums to crop the image in Photoshop CS6 is through the use of crop tool in this software. This tool is quite easy to use and is very much effective for the beginners. It would not be wrong to say that through the use of crop tool you would be able to have add upon a big Version CS6. Let’s see how we can do the cropping in Photoshop CS6:

Step No 1:

In the very first step, you will be selecting the crop tool as located in the tools panel. You can even do so by pressing the C button on your keyboard.

Step No 2:

Now in the next step, you will be adjusting the crop box by all through the use of handles and sides.

Step No 3:

The cropping version of the Adobe Photoshop is quite alot difference from the default movement of the crop box in the version CS6. This version will not just be adjusting the size but at the same time the movement of the image will change as well. If you do not like the new movement, then you can select the option of Classic Mode from the Set Additional Crop options drop-down menu. You can even simply deselect Auto Center Preview.

Step No 4

In the next step, you will be selecting the show cropped area option that will be displaying the portion of the image which you want to crop out.

Step No 5:

take crop in Photoshop CS6 photo select
easy crop in Photoshop CS6 photo select

Now in the next step, click on the crop tool option bar that will highlight straighten option. If you want to straight the image, then you can click on the Straighten button on top of the Options bar

Step No 6:

have a quickly crop on your picture
quickly crop your picture

In the 6th step of the method, you will double-click inside the crop box. If your double click does not perform any task, then you can even press enter. In this way the Photoshop will discards the area that is placed as outside the marquee.

Conclution: We are try to give you the best way how to crop your photo in photoshop CS6. If you need more tutorial then you can watch or read  the below link’s for learning better. If you thing that our post is useful for you to learn then comment below thats why we can know it.

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